Ilkka Melleri






08:15 Reportnet platform Feature #85410 (Invalid/Expired): Add ability to convert MS-Access to XML for tabular data.
The objective is to move away from MS Access reporting, so we shouldn't invest effort in this anymore. Closing as inv...
08:12 Reportnet platform Task #89734 (Closed): Rewrite ROD UI based on Thymeleaf using HTML5
08:11 Reportnet platform Task #92025 (Closed): Clients Module
08:11 Reportnet platform Feature #89744 (Closed): Updates to Legislative instrument data
08:10 Reportnet platform Task #89728 (Closed): [New ROD - WorkPackage 2] - Reporting Cycles
Closing this for now. This will be done in a later project phase.
08:10 Reportnet platform Task #89753 (Invalid/Expired): [Analysis and splitting task] Define the user stories and create the required sub-tickets for implementing Dataflow Cycles
Closing this for now. This will be done in a later phase.


10:43 IDM2 B-Team Feature #93656 (Accepted in Queue): Change the Eionet portal to enforce SSL
10:32 Reportnet platform Bug #94132 (Accepted in Queue): Unexpected error when editing DD attributes linked to vocabularies


10:06 Reportnet platform Feature #92071 (WIP-debt: Needs clarifications): Enhance the "Exports" area for a dataset in Data Dictionary
Here is the summary of the feedback.
We should not add another tab for "admin tools" to implement the enhancements...


08:22 Reportnet platform Bug #94280 (Accepted in Queue): XMLCONV throws an error when running scripts for CDR/BDR files with spaces in their ids

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