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16:26 IDM2 B-Team Feature #83572 (Accepted in Queue): Test LDAPUserFolder against LDAPS service
The LDAPS service (#80700) should now be ready for testing from Forum.
13:41 Reportnet platform Feature #83060 (In Progress): CR: More dynamic harvest intervals for envelope/rdf
Hi Thanos, welcome on board! We're glad you are here :-)
We don't have any specific algorithm in mind, as long as ...
11:21 Reportnet platform Feature #79753 (New): Grouping of QA scripts into projects
Moving this to the backlog for now, because we need to discuss this internally at EEA.
There are requirements for o...
10:28 Reportnet platform Task #84977: REQ 001 [XMLCONV] Enable the reporters easily run QA tests on draft versions of thei...
This is actually the first requirement listed in the "QA_Service_improvements" document on ticket #82498.
09:03 Reportnet platform Feature #83553 (New): REST API Authentication for XmlConv
Putting this to backlog. We will work on this later.


12:23 Reportnet platform Feature #72334 (Invalid/Expired): Check_MK/Nagios Monitoring interface for QA workqueue
@George, thanks for the update on this.
I will close this as invalid/expired. It is a distraction from the past, wh...
12:13 Reportnet platform Bug #84903: The DD copy table function doesn't work
Cool! thanks John. Assigning to Søren for deployment.
11:49 Reportnet platform Task #83861 (Closed): Make CDR do a ping of the envelope URI when it finishes batch QA, so that C...
Considering as done.
11:22 Reportnet platform Bug #84903 (To be deployed): The DD copy table function doesn't work
@John, thanks for the quick fix!
I put this to the "to be deployed" status for now, and you can then close the tick...


13:45 Reportnet platform Task #84121: BDR registry integration of invitations and reminders - review service
Updating the parent ticket, so that the ticket shows up on the Reportnet 1.0 maintenance agile board (https://taskman...

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