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10:48 Air Quality Task #89318: New UTD viewer
Harmonice bands to match the bands from the air quality index.
This is put here as a reminder, that when the AQI is ...
10:43 Air Quality Task #93134 (Accepted in Queue): AQI - change of methodology
For PM10 and PM2.5 we use a 24 hour running mean. It has been agreed that this needs to be simplified and changed to ...
10:35 Air Quality Feature #93133 (Accepted in Queue): Grey points to show
We need to revise the grey points (stations not delivering data) shown in the AQI map and only show the ones we can ...
09:35 Air Quality Feature #93126 (Accepted in Queue): Filter on station type
Currently we always show all station no matter the type of station. This can be quite misleading and it has been deci...
09:05 Air Quality Bug #90944 (Closed): Misplaced NO stations


08:30 Air Quality Task #91462 (WIP-debt: Needs clarifications): Add analytics to AQI public site
Which Google account was used for this? Can't find it.


14:28 Air Quality Bug #92876: Missing aggregations for HU in 2015 and 2016 (PM10)
The statcore job (Airquality_StatCore: AQ e-Reporting statistics merge with AirBase and indicators) has been initiate...


13:36 Air Quality Bug #92150: Missing aggregations for CH in 2016 (PM10)
Just to understand it correct; you basically bypass the normal aggregation job, using the CHmissingPM10_finalRecalcul...


15:39 Air Quality Task #92562 (In Progress): Gibraltar - station with spanish names (should be in english)
From Jaume;
I will follow up full review next week, but I have just noticed that one of the three station in Gibr...


15:16 Air Quality Task #90020 (Closed): difference in primaryObservation reported in CDR and stored in SQLDB

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