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12:50 EUNIS Task #92997: Integration of Red List of Habitats to EUNIS - time estimation
Eleni will upload the excel file.
We also plan to provide a version of the Design proposal with indications from w...
12:46 EUNIS Task #91038: Design of pages and panels for the Red List of habitats
It looks very good now.
One last small thing on the figure with the A;B;C;D;E habitats criteria: please center ve...
12:27 ETC-BD Task #88066: Implementation of QC rules into automatic check routines for CDDA 2018
> a boundary dataset including the marine EEZ boundaries can be found in CW here:
> S:\Common workspace\Bio\CDDA\CD...


16:27 EUNIS Task #93009 (New): Photo library for Red List of Birds
We have a photo library from the European Red List of Birds project
15:24 EUNIS Task #92997 (Accepted in Queue): Integration of Red List of Habitats to EUNIS - time estimation
The task is to estimate how much time will be needed to integrate the data on the European Red List of Habitats (RLH)...
14:42 EUNIS Feature #92993 (Accepted in Queue): New CoL db available
The latest annual edition of CoL db can be downloaded from
11:58 EUNIS Task #87392 (In Progress): Update links to CDDA database
11:57 EUNIS Task #91415 (Accepted in Queue): Clean legal species/habitats information
11:57 EUNIS Task #91415: Clean legal species/habitats information
Moved to Queue, we expect to pick it up again in Q2
11:48 EUNIS Task #91937 (In Progress): Web app for the Sites component
As agreed, moved to In progress

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