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18:02 EUNIS Task #89070 (Acceptance/Demo): New species list for the coming Art 17 and Art 12 reporting
The task is
1) to match the new species list with EUNIS species and add a column to the excel table with the EUNIS ...
10:52 Natura2000 Feature #86496: Improvement in pop-up
Thank you very much!
Was the underlying calculation also updated (note-3)?


13:31 EUNIS Feature #28751: Check the db for European VERTEBRATES protected by the different Directives, Conv...
Mauro Michielon wrote:
>A few WARNINGS were issued by the speciesreportimporter i.e.:
>WARNING: Incorrect synonym: ...


16:05 Natura2000 Bug #25136: N2k intranet download data products
@Natalia, is this still an issue? Maybe it should go to Invalid/Expired. - I can't reassign to you.
14:56 Natura2000 Feature #88207: N2000 manager version
Hi @René,
Normally, new versions of the SDF manager are announced from the ETC/BD.
Maybe @Sabine will recall ...


14:58 SDI Feature #85566: CDDA - Linked Approach - Screencast
A few more comments on the video tutorial from the consultation:
If possible to add narration, it would be very he...
10:38 Natura2000 Feature #86496: Improvement in pop-up
Hi @Laura,
The chart showing the Global assessments concern both species _and_ habitat types. For the title we bas...


15:52 SDI Feature #85566: CDDA - Linked Approach - Screencast
During the consultation we received the following comments for the improvement of the screen cast:
The videos f...
15:08 ETC-BD Task #88066: Implementation of QC rules into automatic check routines for CDDA 2018
Please compare the geometry validity test suggested in row 23 of the excel file with the attached screen shot propose...
14:59 Natura2000 Feature #86496: Improvement in pop-up
Thank you, very nice.

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