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23:15 EUNIS Task #74936 (Closed): Is the EUNIS habitat classification in DD vocabulary up-to-date?
Super, many thanks.
I close the ticket.
23:13 EUNIS Task #78630: Identify orphan references in EUNIS references
Mihai Ivașcu wrote:
> There are a few that I think should be left (as they are part of other used documents, like so...
23:05 EUNIS Task #75078: Red List: Correct global status for European endemic species
I cannot see that the example is fixed on staging? It still says "Not evaluated" instead of "Data deficient"
23:01 EUNIS Bug #78629 (To be deployed): Birds don't have N2k sites counted in Quick Facts
Looks good.
22:58 EUNIS Feature #28751 (To be deployed): Check the db for European VERTEBRATES protected by the different...
Thank you.
In case of further work based on the 20151128_European_Vertebrates_fixes.xlsx_result.xlsx, a fresh ticket...
22:49 EUNIS Task #22405 (To be deployed): Red list status of plant species does not work correctly in the EUN...
22:49 EUNIS Task #22405: Red list status of plant species does not work correctly in the EUNIS website
Thank you for the good work.
Please upload the list of species that were CoL is apparently not up to date (were they...


11:48 Datasets for SDI Task #83213: Natura 2000 version 2016 spatial data
Marek confirmed that the uploaded mdb files are ready to be added to spatial lite:
11:31 Dataset publication Task #83210 (Acceptance/Demo): Natura 2000 version 2016
I updated the metadata on the download page.
Bilbomatica made a new version of the mdb following your instructions. ...
10:16 Natura2000 Feature #83413 (Acceptance/Demo): MDB fields
Hola Yoly,
I download the new version.
Marek already corrected the issues in the version we have. I will pass your ...

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