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17:04 EUNIS Task #90037: Move embedded maps and links to https
Thank you, that map works on https now. I updated the staging site for that map.
We have the same issue with the n...
10:39 EUNIS Task #90037: Move embedded maps and links to https
Sebastien Petit wrote:
> For the moment please do like EEA website, marke the frame with the map in http as exceptio...


09:38 Reportnet platform Revision 22934 (svn-reportnet): Latest ticket updates.


18:50 EUNIS Feature #86277 (Acceptance/Demo): Mitigate the numbers of sds queries for art17 factsheets generation
The cache is implemented and deployed on staging. It is refreshed on startup, but I don't think it will actually change.
17:58 BISE Revision 163333ea (eea-eunis): Creates a cache for Art 17 assessments on Species and Habitats from sparql query.
References #86277


15:15 EUNIS Task #88460 (WIP-debt: Needs clarifications): Replace service behind Natura 2000 sites map
The link in the first post still requires authentication:
13:10 EUNIS Task #90037 (In Progress): Move embedded maps and links to https
We have an issue with the conservation status map for species and habitats - it cannot be rendered on https because i...
11:39 EUNIS Bug #90456 (Closed): The interactive map in EUNIS Sites does appear
The template was fixed, now the panels are closed by default (and working) and the map loads when the panel is opened...
11:26 BISE Revision d3529b10 (eea-eunis): Removed the workaround (the template is fixed)
References #90456
09:56 BISE Revision e762df16 (eea-eunis): Merge branch 'master' of

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