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11:39 EUNIS Feature #28751: Check the db for European VERTEBRATES protected by the different Directives, Conv...
To install:

* copy the scripts to the buildsw docker instance and edit the to change the database set...
11:22 EUNIS Feature #28751 (Acceptance/Demo): Check the db for European VERTEBRATES protected by the differen...
The changes were appplied to the staging server and I attached the results here.
There are three species that coul...


16:31 BISE Revision cc418ea3 (eea-eunis): Small fixes for Vertebrates import
References #28751
16:18 EUNIS Task #25081 (Closed): Add a new European Red Lists to EUNIS db
This was actually accomplished using the #22405 scripts.
15:40 EUNIS Task #75078 (Acceptance/Demo): Red List: Correct global status for European endemic species
This was actually fixed by a data import in #22405.
15:39 EUNIS Task #22405 (Acceptance/Demo): Red list status of plant species does not work correctly in the EU...
The scope of this ticket expanded to the full Red Lists, including all the species in the new http://www.eea.europa.e...
11:33 EUNIS Bug #78629 (Acceptance/Demo): Birds don't have N2k sites counted in Quick Facts
I changed the way the Natura 2000 data is displayed so that the count is displayed when we have sites data. You can c...
11:03 EUNIS Task #82402 (Acceptance/Demo): Text and urls for updating
The fixes are applied to the staging server.
@Mauro: There is no special way to install the changes, just pull the...
09:37 BISE Revision cbc8a8e8 (eea-eunis): Added Axel Hochkirch as accepted photo source for Orthoptera.
References #82426
09:25 BISE Revision 8f9fca99 (eea-eunis): Changes in texts and links for different pages.
References #82402

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