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18:40 EUNIS Task #78630 (Acceptance/Demo): Identify orphan references in EUNIS references
I attached the full list of references, with their usage count. Also attached is the function I used to get the usage...
16:43 EUNIS Task #74936 (Acceptance/Demo): Is the EUNIS habitat classification in DD vocabulary up-to-date?
I checked the differences. There are 4 entries in EUNIS that are not in the DD:
E5.415 Eastern nemoral riverbanks ...
10:25 EUNIS Bug #78629 (WIP-debt: Needs clarifications): Birds don't have N2k sites counted in Quick Facts
I checked and the Natura 2000 sites count is only displayed for Habitats Directive species, as requested in #30348. I...
09:36 EUNIS Task #22405 (WIP-debt: Needs clarifications): Red list status of plant species does not work corr...
_Anas penelope_ actually showed two issues that were more complex than I thought:
* The data in #22405#note-4 was no...


09:35 EUNIS Feature #18874 (Closed): What to show when searching for a genus name followed by the letters "sp...


14:25 EUNIS Task #79377: Birds population status (Art. 12)
To deploy on PROD, first build the EUNIS application and deploy it, and after it's started run https://taskman.eionet...
14:17 BISE Revision a53b1c46 (eea-eunis): Moved link from Population status to the actual status
References #79377


14:55 EUNIS Task #79377 (Acceptance/Demo): Birds population status (Art. 12)
The staging site is updated with the following changes:
* accordion title changed for Art 12
* link title changed...


20:45 BISE Revision 32245dab (eea-eunis): Added rounded border to Art 12 status.
Added link to population accordion in quickfacts.
References #79377
18:19 BISE Revision 7c6be172 (eea-eunis): Moved the legend for Art 12 to align to RedList legend.
Changed the accordion title for Art 12.
Changed the link text size to accommodate longer titles.
References #79377

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