Mihai Ivașcu






18:01 EUNIS Task #29520 (New): Import the remaining Plants in legal instruments
17:58 EUNIS Task #22405: Red list status of plant species does not work correctly in the EUNIS website
@Mauro: can you first check the staging? It should have been imported, but #75078 is not covered somehow.
17:55 EUNIS Task #75078 (WIP-debt: Needs clarifications): Red List: Correct global status for European endemi...
@Mauro: can you check that the #22405#36 is applied?
17:50 EUNIS Task #82402 (WIP-debt: Needs clarifications): Text and urls for updating
"The change":
17:32 EUNIS Task #18315 (New): A subspecies cannot be valid if its parent species is a synonym
The last of Paco's clarifications needs implementing.
17:29 EUNIS Feature #17962 (Closed): Replace higher taxonomy with Catalogue of Life taxonomy (CoL)
Data and scripts created here were used for the linked tickets.
17:27 EUNIS Bug #78629: Birds don't have N2k sites counted in Quick Facts
Nothing to apply to the db, just redeploy the application.
17:04 EUNIS Task #78630 (Closed): Identify orphan references in EUNIS references
16:58 EUNIS Task #75078 (To be deployed): Red List: Correct global status for European endemic species


11:39 EUNIS Feature #28751: Check the db for European VERTEBRATES protected by the different Directives, Conv...
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* copy the scripts to the buildsw docker instance and edit the to change the database set...

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