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13:37 GEMET Task #80412: Versioning policy
What are the "INSPIRE Spatial Data Themes", conceptually speaking? A "Concept Group" (as defined by ISO-25964) within...
13:17 GEMET Feature #79717: Apply a new colour scheme and web layout
Agree. Our designer was exploring options and has worked on the mockups before having a decision EEA vs EIONET, tryin...
13:01 GEMET Task #82702 (New): Google indexing of GEMET
Gemet pages are currently "not indexed by Google":
12:29 GEMET Feature #79717 (Accepted in Queue): Apply a new colour scheme and web layout
I am attaching two preliminary mock-ups for the Homepage and for a term page.
It is still to be refined, especially ...


20:03 GEMET Feature #79717: Apply a new colour scheme and web layout
So, is the above confirmation enough to proceed with the new colour scheme and layout or should we wait for a more fo...
19:56 GEMET Feature #80672: GEMET URL's under
h2. General rules:
*$path becomes$path
* The optio...
15:18 GEMET Feature #80672 (New): GEMET URL's under
As discussed on #79717, GEMET is actually a EEA product and therefore should be under the EEA domain.
The purpose of...


12:30 GEMET Feature #79719: Fix Romanian content in GEMET
This can be implemented before having the final file with new terms.
A Django management command should do the job. ...
12:27 GEMET Feature #79720: Improve the representation of individual references
Clarifications after the meeting (11/01):
The source should not be so prominent. Better to implement a "Show/Hide" t...
12:19 GEMET Feature #80417 (Accepted in Queue): Search feature - matching
Clarifications after the meeting (11/01):
* search should match any text inside the properties (not including the de...

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