Miguel Villafranca






14:16 Air Quality Task #75186: Design and generate feedback report
There's this tableau report, which displays similar information


14:43 Air Quality Task #85368 (New): Improve UTD Extracts
Review index usage
Filtering through text parameters not optimal?
Review request logs, to see what users actual...
14:34 Air Quality Feature #85142 (Closed): Pre-generate data files for UTD Download
Peter has increased the frequency of generation (every 2 hours now)
The process has been running error-free for a we...
12:03 GIS Library Revision 529 (gislibrary): #77627
Added MxdValidation class structure.
Coded a fake implementation to have something to work against.


14:15 Air Quality Bug #85037: Performance drop
Pre-select speed greatly improved in Airquality_E2a.
However, INSERT speed is very very bad
in a french file, 22 ...
13:52 Air Quality Bug #85037: Performance drop
Just found that forcing the query planner to use the ad-hoc index greatly improves pre-select speed.
I will de...
12:58 Air Quality Bug #85037: Performance drop
Summary of the past few days:
h2. Friday 19
Airquality_E2a was OK, Airquality_E was lagging behind (1000 or so ...
12:44 Air Quality Task #85092 (Closed): Sort db records in memory
12:44 Air Quality Task #85089 (Closed): Avoid unnecesary updates
12:29 Air Quality Task #85089: Avoid unnecesary updates
Deployed bugfix yesterday.
It wasn't working because of a very very silly bug.

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