Josu Ramírez






14:08 GIS Library Task #73787 (WIP-debt: On Hold): Keep track and overview
On hold, while the trigger on the monitoring system is finished. Then we will provide a tool to easily check the meta...
14:07 GIS Library Task #72784: WMS for discomap services (with Metadata)
This will be now finished off by koldo
13:40 Air Quality Task #69301 (Closed): Optimize the process of the Load E
due to the new .Net version
13:40 Air Quality Task #73035 (Invalid/Expired): System to detect bottlenecks
due to the new .Net version
13:32 Air Quality Bug #82145 (Closed): Issue checking DomainValidation "Validity" and "Verification", wrong order
The new .Net version tries to check this... but obviously if both values are the same, there is no way to detect it!
13:31 Air Quality Task #82150 (Closed): Review the logic to validate the datetimes
Reviewed by Miguel and Peter and impleneted in the new .Net version
13:25 Air Quality Feature #74742 (Closed): Bottlenecks in the Merge step
due to the new .Net version
13:24 Air Quality Task #74741 (Closed): Improve the output log folders and files
due to the new .Net version
13:23 Air Quality Bug #74739 (Closed): Creating temporary table Values, error to insert TimeZone
due to the new .Net version
13:23 Air Quality Bug #74738 (Closed): Split the measures: not match the number of declared fields
due to the new .Net version

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