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09:52 GIS Library Task #86010 (WIP-debt: Needs clarifications): Enforce locale=en in wab

The locales are error prone - having undefined for some labels and not defaulting to English.
Also we do not wis...


14:17 GIS Library Bug #85955 (New): Deploy an app: URLS not relative
When downloading an app from WAB to deploy in production, the URLs to logos etc. are not relative, please investigat...


08:21 GIS Library Bug #85141 (Closed): Blue Marble mosaic of earth (GISCO): Basemap not realy a basemap
works! thx!


16:54 GIS Library Task #85567 (Closed): FME Remove surplus error msg Waste transfer transformer
In the Waste transfer transformer some errors are thrown on null value submissions.
These are however allowed to be...
13:04 GIS Library Feature #85554 (Closed): FME QC: no. of facilities reported by country
Since we sometimes experience that not all facilities in xml gets imported, and FME reports successful transaction


11:45 GIS Library Task #85476 (Closed): Change DB connection to TEAL
Move connection in FME import process to TEAL.eea.dmz1
11:44 GIS Library Bug #85475 (Closed): Duplicates in DB
Please check EPRTR FME process loading duplicate records.
Quick-fix in view should be revised when done.
11:43 GIS Library Bug #85473 (Closed): Check FME process flags
A flag 0|1 set to null - check up that the FME import updates correctly
Mikel - please provide more detail :)


11:44 GIS Library Task #84550: NEC Compliance Tableau Dashboard
And if the dots can be dashes or hyphens - then even better, since it is a ceiling


12:00 GIS Library Bug #85141 (Closed): Blue Marble mosaic of earth (GISCO): Basemap not realy a basemap
The base map Blue Marble mosaic of earth (GISCO)
is setup differently than the other GISCO basemaps.
See conten...

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