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08:57 GIS Library Bug #89668: [WAB] EEA timeslider in combination with add layers
Setting this to high priority - note that Ion is also working on the EEA timeslider


08:11 GIS Library Bug #89668 (Accepted in Queue): [WAB] EEA timeslider in combination with add layers

There is a problem with the timeslider when adding a temporal enabled layer through the 'add data' widget.


09:44 GIS Library Task #89631 (New): Transfer local tables to SQL server
Transfer local tables from aggregation front-end ACCESS db (also known as Aggregation tool) to the SQL server Databas...


16:32 GIS Library Task #89592 (New): new table (section 12)
Create implementation of new table (section 12) which will go into the database, but would be a separate import proce...
16:09 GIS Library Task #89589 (New): Create extract from sql database to fdb.accdb
Create a procedure to extract data to the Access database fdb from SQl server.
* Should be able to be triggered by...
13:51 GIS Library Feature #89583 (New): Create FME import Scripts based on templates
Create the FME import scripts to import data from "BDR":
Current process is implemente...
13:34 GIS Library Feature #89582 (New): Setup database tables
Setup database using the master table FME procedure
The setup ensures a mapping between envelopes (where companies...
09:38 EyeOnEarth Feature #14642 (Closed): EOE feature viewer
09:38 EyeOnEarth Feature #14255 (Invalid/Expired): Basicviewer geolocator configuration
09:37 EyeOnEarth Feature #13972 (Invalid/Expired): watches basemap

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