Peter Kristensen






16:29 WISE SoW Task #81781: Numeric elements with options for exceptions. -9999=Unknown, -8888=Yet to be measure...
Hi Nery,
It would be ok either to use the standard codes suggested or NULL.


13:42 WISE SoW Task #81180: Properties of features reported as 'deletion' do not seem reliable
My opinion is - if we easily can sort out the 2016 deleted with "dummy geometry" we may mark these - and instead of t...
09:45 WISE SoW Task #81782: Decimal fields containing the value of areas, length, etc.
I fully agree that 3 digits decimals would be sufficient


14:49 WISE SoW Task #81166: ES - Water bodies with 'unknown' specialisedZoneType
Yes I agree we use your suggestion with unknown
14:46 WISE SoW Task #81205: Waterbodies reported as 'change', 'noChange' and 'changeCode' that have different sp...
Thanks Nery
I agree with your suggestion if "noChange" we use the 2016 category


10:29 WISE Task #78004: Errors in 2. Characterisation of the River Basin District
2.9 Tables Reported significant pressures on surface water bodies and groundwater bodies
it is unclear what the tabl...


12:46 WISE Task #78568 (Closed): Item 2.9 reference to background dokuments
It looks like there is a bug in the reference document table (at bottom)
The CZ links to U.K. documents


11:24 WISE Task #72659: Create dashboard of River Basin Management Plans for 2. Characterisation of the Rive...
Dear all,
Sorry for the bad connection. What I tried to say was that some of the dashboards gets complex – when ma...


16:19 ETC-ICM Task #68347: Identification and extraction of any 2016 WFD data needed for the EEA’s 2nd report (...
Olaf and Mahdi
There are some errors in the excel extract asst.V_3-2016-09-28; the worksheet SWB_EcologicalStatus ha...
13:28 ETC-ICM Task #68347: Identification and extraction of any 2016 WFD data needed for the EEA’s 2nd report (...
In the asst.V_6-2016-09-27 - gwchemicalstatus should be included into the sheets on reason for failure and the pollut...

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