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23:29 Air Quality Bug #18061: /aqd:AQD_AssessmentRegime/aqd:zone
When attributes or associations are stereotyped as voidable this should lead them having the two attributes:
• xsi:n...


10:23 Air Quality Feature #19047 (New): Changes in I AQD_SourceApportionment related to macroExceedanceSituation
instead of an association called macroExceedanceSituation the update has introduced an attribute macroExceedanceSitua...
10:18 Air Quality Feature #19046 (Closed): Update on how adjustments and exceedance descriptions are reported in G
added one description so we have base, preliminary, final exceedance descriptions, deleted some of the attributes lik...
10:13 Air Quality Feature #19045 (Closed): Change NS and WSS adjusmentMethods in AQD_SamplingPoint (in D)
For feature AQD_SamplingPoint, update NS& WSS elements to:
assessment methods for WSS and NS merged into adjustment ...
10:11 Air Quality Feature #19044 (Closed): Change cardinality assessment Threshold
Change cardinality of attribute assessment Threshold of the AQD_Assessment Regime class to 1 (before was 1..*)
09:43 Air Quality Feature #19043 (New): Changes of names of used attributes in K (AQD_Measures) because of typo
dataType class/ Attribute before/ Attribute changed in
PlannedImplementation/ plannedfulleffectDate/ plannedFullEff...
09:35 Air Quality Feature #19042: Changes of names of the AQ codelists in the schema to make them consistent to the...
Barbara Magagna wrote:
> link in Eionet chance link in Eionet into actual Name of Codelist in Schema ...
09:26 Air Quality Feature #19042 (Closed): Changes of names of the AQ codelists in the schema to make them consiste...
link in Eionet/ chance link in Eionet into/ actual name of codelist in schema/ change name of codelist in schema
09:10 Air Quality Feature #18603: Add inspire ID to aqd:AQD_ModelArea


11:38 Air Quality Task #18508 (New): order of associations in the excel sheet
In the XML schema we (should) have all associations (links to other feature types) at the end of each class attribute...

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