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  • EyeOnEarth (Sysadmin, 2013-01-10)
  • Natura2000 (Sysadmin, 2013-03-04)
  • Marine (Developer, Reporter, 2017-02-06)
  • CORDA (Developer, Reporter, Sysadmin, 2015-01-12)




08:11 CORDA Bug #93511 (Closed): Abnormal behaviour in the results page
A bug was found in the code. We fixed it and the solution was deployed in the testing environment, after test it it w...
08:02 CORDA Bug #93511 (Closed): Abnormal behaviour in the results page
The pagination in the results page is not working properly showing 22 results but only one page.


16:55 Natura2000 8.50 hours (Project: Natura2000)
10:36 CORDA Feature #92592 (New): Develop a new display for the results page
Develop a new display for the results page where the user would select between the new display and and a display in t...


14:08 Natura2000 Feature #92404 (Acceptance/Demo): IE upload 2018-01-30
Dear René,
The import process was stuck, we have executed it again and Ireland's data has been imported. Please ch...
12:30 Natura2000 Feature #92400 (Acceptance/Demo): Data DK marine %
Dear René,
We have check the database and the data reported by Denmark and the problem is that Denmark has reporte...


13:03 Natura2000 Feature #89242 (Acceptance/Demo): no QAQC nor log files
The xml file was blocked in a process. We execute and stand alone import and it is imported successfully.
13:03 Natura2000 0.50 hour (Project: Natura2000)


08:08 Natura2000 0.50 hour (Project: Natura2000)
08:08 Natura2000 Support #87803: Union List: error in change in criteria ES6120009
Hi Laura,
The sites ES7010049 and ES7010052 are in the criteria changes because in the release of 2015 are not pri...

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