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09:50 Natura2000 Feature #88319: new temporary release september 2017
Hi Natalia
You want me to unselect all spatial data from the newly created temporary release ? is that what you want ?


17:41 Natura2000 Feature #88323 (Acceptance/Demo): intranet web application / manage n2000 releases / discard file...
@ Natalia: I would need some further guidance and instructions on when to use the 'discard files delivered' button.
17:28 Natura2000 Feature #88319: new temporary release september 2017
sorry, I forgot to add you, the watchers...
17:24 Natura2000 Feature #88319 (WIP-debt: Needs clarifications): new temporary release september 2017
I keep you updated on my activity.
I just generated the new temporary release (MidSeptember2017).
In addition to It...


11:14 Natura2000 Feature #88207 (WIP-debt: Needs clarifications): N2000 manager version
Via Christian Plössnig, our N2000 correspondent from Austria, I learn about the existence of a new 'N2000 Manager' ve...


15:50 Natura2000 Support #87192: QAQC doubts
as said, I re-run the process to generate the QAQC reports.
They look very similar. There is no difference with the ...
14:00 Natura2000 Support #87192: QAQC doubts
If you don't mind, I will run the process from my working place.
In order to see if everything goes as foreseen
09:15 Natura2000 Feature #88058: PT data, neither descriptve QAQC nor any LogReport
@ Sabine. Thank you. Good to know.
So, for the time being, no QAQC feedback to new incoming datasets. Correct ?


17:28 Natura2000 Feature #88058 (In Progress): PT data, neither descriptve QAQC nor any LogReport
Can I ask you to check why neither the descriptive QAQC nor any log report has been generated.
Potential reason coul...


15:55 Natura2000 Task #80467: "Generate Temporary Release" button - disable for ETC
I can see the tab 'Temporal Release', yes
It would be better to call it 'Temporary Release', I think it's better Eng...

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