Artur Bernard Gsella






14:45 Air Quality Task #18810: logic for migration of the AirBase v8 into the e-Reporting data flows D and E1a
I have done a quick analysis of the SPOs mapping between the AirBase v8 time series and AirBase v8 meta data from AQU...


13:48 Air Quality Task #94864 (New): Data monitor to show information about file harvesting status
It is crucial for QA to work properly that the files are harvested after upload into CDR.
Therefore it would be goo...
08:28 Air Quality Bug #94576 (Closed): AIDE F not refreshing
I have checked and I confirm that the latest data (e.g. Greece for 2016) has appeared in the app. Many thanks!


10:36 Air Quality Task #94333: compare extranet list for H-K reporters and National Administrators in PaPeRS
As agreed: email to be sent to ask countries to make sure that their H-K reporters list on extranet is aligned with t...


15:27 Air Quality Bug #94576: AIDE F not refreshing
Could you once more rerun (reindex) aide-f - so that I can check if the latest data is in?
Some of the input files ...
14:50 Air Quality Bug #94079 (Closed): BCG harvesting gml ids instead of local ids
I have confirmed that the local IDs are now correct in downstream products, e.g.; [Airquality_StatCore].[dbo].[Compli...
13:11 Air Quality Bug #94606 (Closed): AIDE H: attribute values (string, date) split in facets
Many thanks for correcting this in the new version of aide-h.
13:06 Air Quality Bug #89828 (Closed): improvement for AIDE C query
aide-c and aide-c-pre look good, many thanks!


12:56 Air Quality Task #94713 (New): modifications for AQ e-Reporting draft envelopes
The aim of this task is to discuss changes in AQ e-Reporting draft envelopes such as:
1. Release of envelope shoul...
11:33 Air Quality Task #94525: modified workflow for E1a data
Regarding deadline (currently 15 of December) to be aligned with the CDF criteria: for the last year submissions the ...

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