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08:18 Air Quality Task #84555: B2 for Iceland preliminary (updating zones...)
#Jaume - are you going to check on this or should this be re-assigned to EEA/consultant?
08:17 Air Quality Task #84555: B2 for Iceland preliminary (updating zones...)
The same here:
(I am going to push ...
08:08 Air Quality Feature #74465: Relation to SamplingPoints
Another thought: should we have at all the constraints linking to D (AssessmentMethods table) from C and G, i.e. bloc...


08:29 Air Quality Task #85265 (New): finding latest H-K items
The aim of this ticket is to discuss and optimize the way we manage latest H-K information - mostly for QA but it wou...


07:59 Air Quality Task #83143: Schedule
Many thanks.
I have seen the BCG_DatasetReport as well. I suppose I could use it in Tableau to point to the error ...


13:57 Air Quality Feature #74465: Relation to SamplingPoints
I have alternative idea for the relation with Sampling Points:
1. the data that should be related is actually not ...
07:49 Air Quality Task #80811: AQ assessment products based on AQ statistics merged (2017)
The product version where PM10/2.5 data is only given with data coverage >= 75% (no use of measurement type = "active...
07:32 Air Quality Bug #80465 (Closed): improve XML attainment import from CDR
The bug has been fixed. Corrected FME process 'G_679_ExtractExcelToCSV' has been copied into local folder (S:\Common ...


08:48 Air Quality Task #83143: Schedule
Loading frequency: indeed we should aim at loading new files every night, i.e. only load files from newly released en...


11:00 Air Quality Task #75885 (Closed): structure for Tableau server - Air online site
The remaining issue with the DB connections needs further testing and if it persists - it should be solved in another...

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