Sebastien Petit






10:18 GIS Library Feature #79847 (Invalid/Expired): AttributeChooser Transformer
10:02 GIS Library Task #77226: Improve Service transfer and backup tools to deal with ImageServices
I up this since it may become really usefull now!
09:45 GIS Library Task #84032 (In Progress): Migration of Duck
09:44 GIS Library Feature #84433: Services to transfer from Duck to Raven
A check box can be closed when the service is transfered and working.
To check if it is working, play with it using ...
09:42 GIS Library Feature #84366 (Closed): Increase number of instances
09:41 GIS Library Task #72905 (Closed): Test the final application
09:40 GIS Library Bug #84502: Cow3 stats
I think the best idea would be to wait to get a full week from now. ANd we replicate it. I dont want we spend too muc...
09:39 GIS Library Task #84035 (Closed): Install software
08:53 GIS Library Feature #84525: List subdomains *.discomap
We have thematic domains for arcgis server (air, bio, land, water, ...)
- air.discomap
08:50 GIS Library Bug #84502: Cow3 stats
Good News.
The best would be to script and change on the server. But we may have to reharvest that?
Is it something...

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