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17:28 Reportnet platform Feature #84330 (Accepted in Queue): Referrals subobjects missing
10:14 Reportnet platform 1.00 hour (Project: Reportnet platform)
F-gas technical support - 2017040410005511


08:56 Reportnet platform Task #81854 (Acceptance/Demo): [Analysis task] Reportek technology upgrade alternatives
Here is our proposal for the refactoring of Reportek, most of it being presented at the meeting in Bucharest.
06:37 Reportnet platform Feature #83764 (In Progress): [Analyse] QA improvements
A few possible improvements for the way the QA runs in envelopes were discussed at the last meeting in Bucharest:
* ...
06:32 Reportnet platform Task #83763 (Accepted in Queue): Make a list of usecases for authentication between Reportnet sys...
This was discussed at the last Reportnet meeting in Bucharest in March 2017, in the aim of improving the authenticati...


11:33 Reportnet platform 1.00 hour (Task #83731 (Closed): BDR docker containers shutdown frequently )
11:32 Reportnet platform Task #83731 (Accepted in Queue): BDR docker containers shutdown frequently
Sorry for making this immediate, but the reporting deadline is Friday and an increasing number of reporters are acces...


17:45 Reportnet platform 2.00 hours (Bug #83629 (In Progress): LDAP branch "Business Reporters" deleted)
16:40 Reportnet platform Feature #73918: Replace DTML Methods and Documents in Zope root
You can start with BDR and BDR-TEST, where there are just a few DTML resources:
* header, footer, error in Zope root...
14:52 Reportnet platform Feature #73709 (Accepted in Queue): Catch the errors generated by the Reportek applications

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