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17:38 GIS Library 8.00 hours (Project: GIS Library)
Looked into the Portal RestAPI


17:17 Air Quality Task #91396: Check AzureBlobUpload for strange behavior
For maintenance purposes I think it would be wise to sort out which of the two upload code paths should be preferred....
17:14 Air Quality Task #91396: Check AzureBlobUpload for strange behavior
Hi Peter!
I found some discrepancies that may be culprits. I do not know which should be considered the latest v...
17:14 Air Quality 5.00 hours (Task #91396 (New): Check AzureBlobUpload for strange behavior)
17:10 GIS Library Task #89065 (Closed): AD authentication fme.discomap
Enabled synchronization on both AD servers. Imported AD users / groups will only be updated when synced against the s...
17:10 GIS Library 2.00 hours (Project: GIS Library)
17:06 GIS Library Task #83592 (Closed): Upgrade fme.discomap FME 2017
17:05 GIS Library Task #83129 (Closed): Update fmebatch to FME Server 2017
17:04 Air Quality Bug #90076 (Closed): UTD download service - countrycode bug
17:03 GIS Library Task #87376 (Closed): Check why FMEBatch is crashing
Resolved no longer an issue.

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