• Data reporting and ETC tasks

    Projects related to major EEA data flows/data reporting and data QA.

    • Air Quality

      Air Quality e-Reporting.

    • CDDA data model and INSPIRE

      The project aims to develop the complete data model of the Common Database on Designated Areas (CDDA) data flow in line with the relevant INSPIRE data specification on Protected sites and others, including the necessary elements for the INSPIRE service oriented reporting. The project will deliver redesigned conceptual CDDA UML data model, XML schemas and data sample for the CDDA reporting data flow....

    • E-PRTR dataflow

      Work related to the integration of the Large Combustion Plants reporting into the E-PRTR dataflow. This implies the updating of the XML Schema, QA/QC routines, harvesting routines, E-PRTR data model and other related issues. Documents are shared via <project-library-link>. In this taskman project we manage sprint iterations and tasks workflow....

    • ETC-ICM

      [WISE_SOE] [UWWTD] [BWD]

    • riparian zones

      Quality assessment of riparian zones. A riparian zone or riparian area is the interface between land and a river or stream.


    Two Plone websites for ENI SEIS South and East, created in April-May 2016

    • BISE

      Systems related to BISE

    • EUNIS


    • IDM2 B-Team

      IDM2 - EDW B-team maintain systems tickets goes here.
      Networking tools for Eionet and beyond. This includes: FLIS, LDAP, Naaya.

      • Eionet portal

        Issues related to Eionet portal.

      • TCT tool

        Lightweight reporting platform to be used by (European) countries in order to prepare the reports for an European and international obligations. It starts by mapping the implementation of national biodiversity strategies to AICHI and EU targets and goals. Now known as the TCT tool (Target Cross-linking Tool)....

    • Reportnet platform

      Integrated suite of IT tools optimised to support the business processes of the European Environmental Information System and building on a shared information infrastructure.

      In this project we add Reportnet platform maintenance tickets and new development for Reportnent 2.0....

    • WISE Marine

      WISE-Marine aims at gathering and sharing information with the marine community on the marine environment. As a matter of fact this site is very close to BISE: We should concentrate our efforts in using the experience and the products of BISE as much as possible for WISE-Marine....

  • IDM3-Team

    Projects managed under IDM3. Spatial data infrastructure.

    • EyeOnEarth

      Add a short description of the project

    • Natura2000

      This area registers the software activities for the Natura 2000 Information System:
      *ETL processes for MS Deliveries and historical management
      *Web applications (Intranet and Public)
      *Analysis and Reporting services from the historical compilation of the data (validations, change reports, spatial barometer and additional statistic)...

  • Copernicus

    Projects related to Copernicus operational services.

  • SDI

    Spatial Data Infrastructure project.

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