• Air Quality

    Air Quality e-Reporting.



  • Reportnet platform

    Integrated suite of IT tools optimised to support the business processes of the European Environmental Information System and building on a shared information infrastructure.

    In this project we add Reportnet platform maintenance tickets and new development for Reportnent 2.0....

  • EyeOnEarth

    Add a short description of the project

  • Natura2000

    This area registers the software activities for the Natura 2000 Information System:
    *ETL processes for MS Deliveries and historical management
    *Web applications (Intranet and Public)
    *Analysis and Reporting services from the historical compilation of the data (validations, change reports, spatial barometer and additional statistic)...

  • Copernicus

    Projects related to Copernicus operational services.

  • SDI

    Spatial Data Infrastructure project.

  • WISE helpdesk

    The current project lists issues detected during the test phase of the WFD 2018 reporting flows.

    Contact if you need to report a new issue, or if you require further assistance on one of the issues already listed (please include the issue number for ease of reference)....

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