Input material

1. WFD reporting

All information at

Please note that the monitoring sites model is already harmonised with WISE SoE Freshwater

2. WISE SoE freshwater reporting

DESCRIPTION OF THE NEW WISE SPATIAL DATA MODEL (in the context of WFD - so please focus only in the monitoring stations):

SCHEMA FILES (in the context of WFD)
- See (under the heading "GML schemas to report spatial data"

Other information:

- Spatial data:
Updated version as of 2015-07-03

- Water quality:

For information purposes only:

[DEPRECATED] DICTIONARY (for countries, information to report):
- Stations rivers:
- Stations lakes:
- Station groundwater:

- Rivers (including biology):
- Lakes (including biology):
- Groundwater:

3. WISE SoE marine reporting

DATA DICTIONARY (for countries, information to report):
- Stations TCM:
- Flux stations:
- Stations TC Biology:

ETC DATA DICTIONARY (for the ETC, information to be included in the waterbase):
- TCM Stations Eionet:
- TCM Stations Conventions:
- Flux Stations:

- WaterbaseTCM:
- The data on biology haven't been published yet.

Examples are published under Files.

4. Other material

1) ICES - stations dictionary

Files are uploaded to section Files.

INSPIRE application schemas extensions - material

1. Examples from Air Quality e-reporting data models

- Ambient air quality portal:
- UML AQDmodel:
- AQD Station data model:

2. INSPIRE Generic Conceptual Model

3. Presentations and articles:

Presentations are provided in wiki:
(descriptions in wiki, files are uploaded in section Files)

ISO standards

ISO/TS 19103 Geographic information — Conceptual schema language
ISO 19109 Geographic information - Rules for application schema

Abbreviations and terms

EEA – European Environment Agency
ETC/ICM – European Topic Centre on Inland, Coastal and Marine waters
HELCOM - Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission - Helsinki Commission
ICES – The International Council for the Exploration of the Sea
OSPAR - International cooperation on the protection of the marine environment of the North-East Atlantic (OSPAR Convention)
SoE - State of Environment
TC – transitional, coastal (waters)
TCM – transitional, coastal, marine (waters)
WFD – Water Framework Directive
WISE - Water Information System for Europe