WISE-Marine aims at gathering and sharing information with the marine community on the marine environment. As a matter of fact this site is very close to BISE: We should concentrate our efforts in using the experience and the products of BISE as much as possible for WISE-Marine.

Following the description provided by NSS2. The project will be divided into two phases:
Phase1 (2017): Setup a new site containing all the sections and web pages provided by NSS2. The site will be build by IDM2, the content will be first inserted by the consultants and reviewed by NSS2.
Phase2 (2018/2019): The site will be updated with new features. The site will dynamically gather data from various other plateform (database, site) belonging to partners of the project.

  • Goals:

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  • EEA project codes (MPS): 2010 0.0.0
  • Taskman Project Owner: Christian-Xavier Prosperini

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