Water Information System for Europe

Development of tools and services for WISE (Water Information System for Europe) under DG ENV contract 070201/2014/689488/ENV.C.1

Contract is organised around the following working packages or main tasks
Task 1: Tools and services for reporting under EU water policy instruments (main focus on the Water Framework Directive and the Floods Directive)
Task 2: WISE as a shared and distributed system
 (data and information sharing, alignment with the INSPIRE directive)
Task 3: Tools and services for communication of information and its analysis
Task 4: Management and cross-cutting tasks


  • Goals:

    For 2016

    Task 1: 2016 WFD reporting and Floods reporting: further development|maintenance of existing products, helpdesk support.
    Task 2: (no action planned)
    Task 3: Design and development of exploratory data analysis and data visualisation tools
    Task 4: BAU

  • EEA project codes (MPS): DG ENV contract 070201/2014/689488/ENV.C.1

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