Taskman changes June 2018

New wiki macros

A new list of wiki macros is now available. For example the ability to have Iframe, Youtube and Gist embedded.

See complete Macro list.

Assigned-to-me shortcut


It is now possible to quickly assign ticket to yourself. New shortcut is available on ticket to save time.

Add involved users as watcher automatically

Did you miss notfications on tickets you were involved? Now it will not happen anylonger. This new feature will automatically add you as watcher if you are participating in a ticket. You can of course always unwatch a ticket or turn-off notifications on your account page.

Workflow automation and auto-assignee

In case the assignee is not set, Taskman will automatically assign according to specific rules:

rule 1: The issue author does not know whom to assign the issue or who will be responsible for solving the task. In that case the issue with the status "New" or "Accepted in Queue" is automatically assigned to the manager of the Taskman Project. This way there are no orphan new issues.

rule 2: If "Assignee" is unchanged and the issue status is changed to "Acceptance / Demo", than the ticket author is assigned to the issue. Acceptance is by default done by the author of the ticket, if no-one else is specifically assigned.

rule 3: Users are only allowed to change the status to "In Progress" if they are the person who is actually working on the issue right now.

Modern web chat and calls available

Often you need a quicker interaction and communication than tickets messages can provide to you in Taskman. No more ping-pong in tickets or emails.

Many users have different messaging apps that are often incompatible with each other, for example Skype for Business, Whatsapp, Messenger and so on. These applications have also privacy issues. Web-based application are much easier to access and upgrade since no software needs to be installed on the client. Today you just need your browser to chat or make audio/video calls.

Therefore we have now a self-hosted and privacy oriented application called EEA Riot Chat. Join our EEA General HQ room to discuss general topics or create your own room for your project / team. The application is free, privacy-enabled and hosted at EEA.


Riot can be used via the link on the top menu of Taskman or if you prefer, you can install a mobile client of your choice:

If you use a matrix/riot Riot client use the following settings to connect to EEA riot server:

Increased privacy

Due to GDPR, all Taskman projects are now made private and you need to be member of the project in order to see content in it.

There are only two projects that are public right now: WISE-Helpdesk and Public documentation

If you have wikis that need to be public available, just rename them and move them to the Public documentation project.

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