Taskman FAQ

How do I get access to a Taskman project?

  1. Use your Eionet account. Don't have one? contact Eionet helpdesk and CC your contact person at EEA.
  2. Contact the Taskman project manager and ask him/her to add you as member to the taskman project in question.

I get a login when clicking on a specific ticket or Wiki page, why?

If you get a login on a specific ticket / wiki page / link when you are already authenticated, it means that you are not member of the project where the ticket / wiki page resides.
Please contact the Taskman project owner (or anybody else having Manager role in that project) and request him / her to add you as member to that project.

Why I receive emails for certain tickets and not for others?

By default if you have participated in a ticket, for example you are Author or Assignee or you have replied within the ticket, you will be automatically set as watcher of the ticket, which means that you will get notified for any changes done to the ticket.

For wikis, you are notified of changes if you have create the wiki or edited it. You can always manually get notified on any wiki or ticket you are not actively participating by clicking the watch icon on top of the pages.

I get too many notifications from Taskman, what should I do?

Taskman has a very flexible notification settings that can be personalized.

After logging in, head over your account page and check the notification options.

  • For any event on all my projects
  • For any event on the selected projects only
  • Only for things I watch or I'm involved in <--- default / recommended
  • Only for things I watch or I am assigned to
  • Only for things I watch or I am the owner of
  • No events

Here you can opt to "no events", so you will not receive any emails.

However, instead of turning-off completly, it is recommended to have it set to at least Only for things I watch or I'm involved in. In your email client, then you should set a incoming rule that moves the emails from taskman to a specific folder except those containing Assignee:<your-name>. This way the important tickets that requires fast reaction that are assigned to you stay in your inbox. While the other notifications end up in a specific folder which you can read at your own convinient time, like once/twice a day in bulk, and it is more to stay up-to-date on different projects.

How do I create sub-pages (parent/child relationships) in the wiki?

See Creating-sub-pages-parentchild-relationships for an in-depth explanation.

I cannot close a ticket, why?

These are the most common reasons and resolutions

  • the ticket that cannot be closed has still open sub-tasks. Close any sub-tasks and you will be able to close the parent ticket. Alternatively remove the open sub-tasks as children and add them simply as related tickets.
  • there may be a ticket that has a relation blocked by to the ticket you want to close. In this case you should first resolve/close the blocking ticket.
  • there may be a ticket that is related as precedes the ticket you want to close. In this case you should first close the ticket that precedes the one you want to close.
  • you may not have permission to close the tickets in the current workflow state, for example for role Reporter. In this case contact your Taskman project manager if you think your role should be Developer or Manager.

My project is private and not accessible to public, how do I make some wikis publicly available?

All taskman projects are by default private and only accessible by membership via Eionet LDAP. Consequently everything in the project is not accessible for non-authenticated users. However, in the case you have Wikis that should be made public you can just create wikis in the public-docs project. If the wikis already exists, you can move them by clicking "Rename" > Change the project to "Public documentation". The previous links to the moved wiki will automatically work and redirect to the new location.

Where can I upload my own profile image that appears on several places on Taskman?

Taskman assign a random default image to each account if a user does not have a gravatar account already setup.

If you would like to have your own picture you can do that by creating an account on and associate the same email that you have in your Eionet account with the new image you want in Taskman.

None of the FAQ here helps me, what should I do?

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