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The following projects have been brought under the same umbrella: Naaya Groupware, Virtual Libraries and Surveys, Projects Beyond Eionet.

Naaya Groupware

Groupware is a Naaya extension first used by EIONET Forum.
The purpose of Groupware is to facilitate users to cooperate on items of shared interest.

Groupware connects to a central user database of your network based on LDAP and provides tools to manage users and groups.
The main features of Naaya Groupware are: full administration of own interest group, events and meetings, discussion forum, talkback consultations (collaborative document assessment).

Current Groupware instances:

EIONET Projects
EIONET Archives
Country Implementations
SINAnet (Italian)
info-RAC (Italian)

Explore the Wiki page for more information.

Naaya Groupware Wiki

Virtual Libraries and Surveys

Projects related to virtual libraries and surveys (with a virtual library as a backend) hosted in a Naaya environment, but using different Python packages. E.g.: Seris, Flis, Transport and Adaptation Survey.

VLE Wiki

Partnerships beyond EIONET (former EnviroWindows)

Partnership beyond EIONET makes available the groupware web technologies of the European Environment Agency (EEA) to facilitate collaboration on projects, organise partnership activities, and connect geographically distributed users working on various topics with EEA having a leading role.

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