The main objective of this service contract is to evaluate if the current Copernicus in situ database, developed by the GISC1 project, is sufficiently capable of a) providing a suitable overview of the Copernicus in situ component, b) capturing information (metadata) about all Copernicus services’in situ data requirements and relevant data sources in an appropriate and efficient manner, and c) providing the necessary basis for in situ data gap analyses.

  • Goals:

    The work is spilt into two subtasks:

    I. The purpose of this task is to evaluate whether the current Copernicus in situ database (structure) is capable of capturing in situ data requirements and data sources equally well for all Copernicus services. The evaluation must be carried out for all six Copernicus services, and shall be based on a limited but typical set of requirements and data sources to be agreed with the services. Additionally, the evaluation shall also take into account data already available in the database. The results of the tests shall be summarised in an evaluation report for each of the services, and the draft conclusions must be presented to and discussed with the Copernicus services. The final evaluation report shall contain a summary of the discussions with the services, a list of recommendations and suggestions for improvements, and it must also, briefly, relate to item (a) and (c) included in the main objective of this service contract (see section 5 above).

    II. The purpose of this task is to develop a proposal for an efficient update and maintenance process for the in situ data base, including a proposal regarding the spilt of work between the Copernicus services and the EEA. The aim is to construct a process and work-sharing arrangement that is efficient and simple.
    The second draft of the evaluation reports and process and work-sharing proposal will be discussed at an in situ data workshop, to be held presumably during the last week of February 2016. At the workshop there will be representatives from the European Commission, the entrusted entities and the EEA. The workshop conclusions and recommendations shall be part of the final version of the evaluation reports and process and work-sharing proposal.

  • EEA project codes (MPS): 2015 3.6.4
  • Taskman Project Owner: Henrik Andersen

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