The main objective of this service contract is to compile a list of Copernicus in situ data gaps, and to propose a way forward for the most critical gaps.

  • Goals:

    The Copernicus in situ database is expected to be updated with requirements from all Copernicus services during 2016, and an in depth gap analysis will follow. However, it may be anticipated that a number of gap closing activities can be identified, described and implemented, even before a proper gap analysis can been performed. The purpose of this service contract is to produce an up-to-date list of in situ data gaps ranked according to their criticality. The analysis will primarily be based on outputs from the GISC project and relevant subsequent activities, and it shall be discussed with the Copernicus services to ensure its validity and relevance. The work is spilt into three subtasks:

    I. State of play. The contractor shall produce a report summarising the state of play vis-à-vis the in situ data gaps identified and considered by the GISC project. The contractor may propose additional and justifiable data gaps, based on e.g. the contractor’s own knowledge, recent studies or information from the Copernicus services etc. The report shall describe the in situ data gaps, level of criticality, and link them to Copernicus services’ requirements;

    II. Re-evaluation. The initial list of in situ data gaps shall be evaluated and prioritised (in terms of criticality) in light of the Copernicus services’ new or changed requirements, and the new or changed availability of relevant data sources. It is important to verify if a particular data gap is still relevant from the Copernicus services’ point of view, and to which degree the closure of a given data gap may be beneficial to one or more services;

    III. Final prioritised list. The contractor shall, based on discussions with the Copernicus services, produce a prioritised list of data gaps and propose a way forward for a selection of critical gaps to be agreed with the EEA.

  • EEA project codes (MPS): 2015 3.6.4

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