Work related to the integration of the Large Combustion Plants reporting into the E-PRTR dataflow. This implies the updating of the XML Schema, QA/QC routines, harvesting routines, E-PRTR data model and other related issues. Documents are shared via <project-library-link>. In this taskman project we manage sprint iterations and tasks workflow.

  • Goals:

    The main goals are:
    • Update of the E-PRTR XML schema to include reporting requirements on the Large Combustion Plants (chapter 3 of the Industrial Emissions Directive)
    • To revise the QA/QC procedures that are run in CDR and include additional aspects relating Large Combustion Plants
    • To update the harvesting routines and provide an interface for direct harvesting but the thematic project manager in ACC
    • To update the datamodel so that it copes the additional data on LCPs
    • To look into the INSPIRE compliance with the guidance and limited approach agreed upon with DG ENV (merely affecting the main administrative and location fields of the dataset)
    • To update the documentation of the dataflow
    • To support DG ENV and EU Member States on the transition to the new system
    • To ensure the handover of stable software to the EEA IDM Programme

  • EEA project codes (MPS): 2015 1.2.3
  • Taskman Project Owner: Daniel Martin-Montalvo Álvarez

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