How to create and upload an Epub

How to upload an Epub file:

  1. Create a new folder for the Epub file or go to the destination folder of the Epub file
  2. From the "add item" menu select "epubfile"
  3. Click "Browse" and add the desired epub
  4. Click "Upload epub file" in order to upload the epub file into the system
  5. It will take up to a few minutes, depending on file size, for the epub to load

Note that only epub files created with Adobe InDesign CS4 and Sigil are tested and know to work.

More on how to create an ebook file

High resolution images and data references

After the upload of Epub you need to fix the references on the images. Some images needs to be uploaded in high resolution and linked from the page where they are used. If the images are "graphs" or "maps" then they must be linked directly to the EEA data and maps section where the users can find all the details, higher resolutions and background data.