1. Resources and material to consider in the project development

1.1. General information about the CDDA reporting data flow (presentation: CDDA data flow – an overview)

1.2. Information related to the CDDA 2015 reporting data flow (used in this project)

a) CDDA data collection call 2015:

b) Data Dictionary for version 13:

c) Version 13 updated spatial data specification:

d) CDDA guidance and reference material:

e) Download version 13 (2015) (will become available late summer 2015):

1.3 Other information related to the CDDA reporting data flow

a) Services: CDDA site code allocation - User guide

b) Service: Site codes

1.4 Reportnet

2. Extension of INSPIRE application schemas

Presentations (available under Files):
  • Starship INSPIRE encounters National SDI: Collision or Merger? (Session: Current approach for extending), Paul Janssen, Geonovum; 2015.
  • Data Models and Architectures, Jørgen Flensholt, DRD; Henrik Friis, DRD; 2015.