The project aims to develop the complete data model of the Common Database on Designated Areas (CDDA) data flow in line with the relevant INSPIRE data specification on Protected sites and others, including the necessary elements for the INSPIRE service oriented reporting. The project will deliver redesigned conceptual CDDA UML data model, XML schemas and data sample for the CDDA reporting data flow.

  • Goals:

    I. Developing of new CDDA data model as extension of the INSPIRE Protected sites data model (UML data model, code lists, enumerations, feature catalogue, approaches in data modelling)
    II. Developing of new GML/XML schemas
    III. Proof of compliance with INSPIRE GML schemas
    IV. Providing test data according to the new GML/XML schemas
    V. Report

  • EEA project codes (MPS): 2015 1.7.2 & 3.3.1
  • Taskman Project Owner: Darja Lihteneger

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