User documentation

User guide to XML & Data Model

2013-06-12 08:42

The aims of this document are:
  • Close the gap between IPR Guidance, the Decision & AQ Data model
  • Provide necessary links to INSPIRE (were needed)
  • Assist Member States in understanding all elements
  • Provision of real-life examples

Please note that this document will further improve as:

Technical documentation

Quality Assurance on Control rules for e-Reporting

2013-01-24 10:00

This paper provides documentation of conceptual quality assurance and control (QA/QC) rules for checking Air Quality e-Reporting data deliveries under the specified by the Directives 2004/107/EC (EU, 2004) and 2008/50/EC (EU, 2008) and the derived Implementing Provisions 2011/850/EC (EU, 2011).