E-PRTR Trac is migrated to Redmine

Some work to do still
Added by Søren Roug over 5 years ago

The E-PRTR Trac is migrated to Redmine. We're still working on the migration and one of the things we're looking at is to renumber references in SVN commits to the new ticket numbers.

Redmine has a feature that lets you comment on tickets by SVN commit messages. The messages are scanned for referenced or fixed issue IDs.
The keywords are:
  • for referencing issues: refs, references, IssueID
  • for fixing issues: fixes, closes

Example of a working commit message using default keywords:

This commit refs #1, #2 and fixes #3
This message would reference issues 1 and 2 and automatically fix issue 3.
After a keyword issue IDs can be separated with a space, a comma or &.