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Page doesn't exist message after uploading a document

Added by Eugenija Schuren 2 months ago. Updated 8 days ago.

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For the second time during last 7 days I experienced the same problem.

I upload a document to the land portal (Technical Library) and once upload is completed I get an error message attached as print screen.

However, the documents are uploaded correctly.

I have uploaded tens of documents in last months but the error started appearing very recently (related to the latest deployments?)

Could you please check?

Thank you



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To be investigated. No error for first tests (Google Chrome, demo & production websites).

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Received advice from David Glick on Plone Community:

This can happen if you are running multiple Zope instances. Adding a file involves an HTTP POST to the add form URL followed by a redirect to a GET of the file’s URL. If the load balancer sends these two requests to different instances, and the 2nd instance already had the folder in the ZODB cache, it’s possible that the GET will be handled by the 2nd instance before it has received invalidations from the ZEO server to know that the database was updated with the new file.

The easiest workaround is probably to configure your load balancer to use sticky sessions so that it prefers to send the same client to the same Zope instance.

Anton, can you set this configuration, please?

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Just received the error after uploading a test file.

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Our Plone's KGS does not need sticky sessions. There's a different cause for this bug.

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